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#003 - Angry

A post-IHOP drabble, for your reading pleasure...

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#074 - Playful

I imagine it's something like the mating dance of a bumblebee...

Except wasps don't do that ._.

Oh well.

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#041 - Frustrated

FINALLY finished this one after starting it way back in June. Like most things I write, I'm not really sure I like the end =/

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#068 - Nostalgic

For some reason, I thought this wasn't finished, but...Upon further inspection, I believe it is. Pancakes, talk of the past (WHY did Terrorsaur have to die???? D8) and important life lessons abound.

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#088 - Shocked

Another one of those fun little IHOP drabbles...This one is supposed to come AFTER "Nostalgic," but as you may have noticed, I've not posted "Nostalgic" yet. That's because I haven't written it to my satisfaction yet, despite the fact that I've started it THREE different times -_-

Anyway, enjoy a little bit of a darker side of Waspy :3

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Drabble set :3

All of these drabbles are 50 words apiece. They all flow together to complete a set.

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#035 - Enraged

...Anger is hard to write ._.

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#019 - Cranky

Here's a little something based on the comment thread in Prowl's recent post :3

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#070 - Optimistic

Another in the IHOP series...I wrote most of this one on the bus this morning.

...Waspy constantly surprises me.

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#092 - Surprised

As the companion to "Confused," this takes place a couple days after.

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